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We believe in the power of love, the power of healing and the power of respecting Mother Earth. We've always used the healing power of natural crystals to support the beloved pets in our lives, and now we bring that power to you. Crystals enhance the journey through life, including better health, emotional well-being and loving transitions. When healing crystals are introduced to pets, they provide pets with the positive energy flow they deserve as loving, sentient creatures.


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We choose holistic and pure materials for all of our products. When you decide which special crystal is right for your pet, you'll open a new world of possibilities for wellness and healing. Choose crystals based on healing properties, but also choose based on your intuition.

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I founded Crystal Pet Love in Ojai, California after using Amethyst, Sodalite and Rose Quartz to ease my aging dog's arthritis and heart problems. My dog, Popcorn, passed away just before his 17th birthday after a long, happy and healthy life. Popcorn's loving spirit inspired me to create these collar-friendly and pet-specific crystal pendants so that all animals can experience the positive healing energy that protected my dog for so many years. 

These heart shaped gemstones are cleansed with Palo Santo and White Sage smoke to insure clean crystal energy for you and your pet.

With blessings,

Cindy Convery